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Safety Culture Enhancement Toolbox for ATM

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Safety Culture in Air Traffic Management

Recent years have witnessed a growing concern over the issue of Safety Culture within the ATM industry. The continuing safety management efforts of Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), seeking to guarantee safe behaviours, have identified a need for an in-depth understanding of Safety Culture, together with an understanding of their ANSP’s strengths and weaknesses in this area. This calls for a robust Safety Culture measurement and improvement process.

Safety Culture Enhancement Toolbox

The Safety Culture Enhancement Toolbox provides information and practical advice to help ANSPs understand, assess and enhance Safety Culture within their organisation. Its main aim is to answer the following frequently asked questions:

  • “What is meant by Safety Culture” and
  • “How can Safety Culture be measured and improved?”

At present, this new Safety Culture toolbox features an initial set of processes and guidance, based on extensive research and activities conducted by EUROCONTROL since 2005. The toolbox will be further enhanced over time drawing on ANSP best practices and experiences, as well as lessons learned from other industrial domains.

At present, a dozen European ANSPs have embarked on the’ Safety Culture journey’. It is hoped that this toolbox will help de-mystify this area for ANSPs, so that others can begin measuring and improving their own safety culture, ensuring a better level of safety across European skies.

Toolbox Framework

The Toolbox comprises four parts.

Part A : Understanding the concept of Safety Culture

Part B : Measuring Safety Culture

Part C : Improving Safety Culture

Part D : Case studies and success stories from ANSPs

SCET Framework 2.JPG

The Safety Culture Enhancement Toolbox can be accessed through the SKYbrary Landing Page, see SKYbrary Solutions - Safety Culture in ATM Toolkit.