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  • ...orne loss of control occurrences and one way to do this is as follows. The categories chosen are not necessarily independent of each other in all instances. .../781.pdf "Applying Take-off Thrust On Unsuitable Pavement Surface May Have Hidden Dangers"] looks at the situation where an aircraft can suffer structural da
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  • Errors can further be divided into the two following categories: ...some goals are obvious and official, while it is possible that others are hidden, personal or even unconscious. Strategic factors become most visible in dec
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  • ...s in Joint Aviation Requirements — Operations (JAR-OPS) led to mandatory categories of CRM training for flight and cabin crew, mechanics and air traffic contro *Hidden weaknesses in defences against error.
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  • As with previous generations of lithium batteries, PEDs and entirely new categories of devices, education and training on any unfamiliar subject become essenti ...experiments, resultant fires were especially hazardous when they spread to hidden areas of aircraft.
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