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  • MD81, vicinity Stockholm Arlanda Sweden, 1991 (Synopsis: On 27 December 1991, an MD-81 took off after airframe ground de/anti icing treatment but soon afterwards both engines began surging and both then failed. A successful crash landing with no fatalities was achieved four minutes after take off after the aircraft emerged from cloud approximately 900 feet above terrain. There was no post-crash fire. The Investigation found that undetected clear ice on the upper wing surfaces had been ingested into both engines during rotation and initiated engine surging. Without awareness of the aircraft's automated thrust increase system, the pilot response did not control the surging and both engines failed.)
  • SB20, Stockholm Arlanda, 2001 (Synopsis: On 18 December 2001, a Saab 2000 being operated by Air Botnia on scheduled passenger flight from Stockholm to Oulu was taxiing out at night in normal visibility in accordance with its ATC clearance when a car appeared from the left on a roadway and drove at speed on a collision course with the aircraft. In order to avoid a collision, the aircraft had to brake sharply and the aircraft commander saw the car pass under the nose of the aircraft and judged the vehicle’s closest distance to the aircraft to be four to five metres. The car did not stop, could not subsequently be identified and no report was made by the driver or other witnesses. The diagram below taken from the official report shows the site of the conflict - the aircraft was emerging from Ramp ‘G’ to turn left on taxiway ‘Z’ and the broken line shows the roadway which is crossed just before the left turn is commenced.)
  • SF34 / E145, Stockholm Sweden, 2002 (Synopsis: On 16 December 2002, a Saab 340 being operated by Swedish airline Skyways and arriving at Stockholm on a scheduled domestic passenger flight and an Embraer 145 being operated by Swiss on a scheduled passenger flight from Stockholm to Basel almost collided at the intersection between taxiways ‘Z’ and ‘A’ in normal night visibility. Upon seeing the Saab approaching on a conflicting track, the Embraer 145 was stopped very suddenly and the other aircraft passed within an estimated 3 metres. No persons were injured and neither aircraft was damaged. The diagram below taken from the official report shows the intersection involved.)