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Laying the foundations of a safe flight

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Laying the foundations of a safe flight is an initiative of the French Ministère de la Transition écologique et Solidaire/DGCA. Developed in collaboration with aviation stakeholders, this video series promotes good practices to ensure safety during ground operations.

Cabin baggage put in the hold: passenger questioning

Checking pallets and containers before loading

Checking the aircraft parking position

Checking the cargo holds after unloading

Checking the height of the aircraft during loading and unloading

Circulation in co-activity

Crossing a taxiway

Deploying an airbridge safely

During the approach and withdrawal of equipment avoid aircraft damage

Every alarm must be dealt with

Limiting risks related to FOD

Loading and securing bulk goods

Preparation of loading documents

Respect the loading height in the bulk hold

Respecting the loading plan

Safety on the aircraft stand during refuelling

Securing pallets and containers in the hold

Systematic reporting of aircraft

Systematic retracting of the airbridge before and after departure

Transmitting loading information

Use a stepladder to open or close cargo doors

Weight data no margin for error!

When an aircraft arrives respect the unloading order