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Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA)

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Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA)


STCA is a ground-based safety net intended to assist the controller in preventing collision between aircraft by generating, in a timely manner, an alert of a potential or actual infringement of separation minima.


A Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA) is a system to warn the ATCO of any situation where the minimum separation distances between any pair of radar tracks is, or is predicted to be within a short look ahead time (usually 2 minutes), violated. This is achieved via a visual alert on the radar display, though some systems also provide an audible alert. STCA is a concept rather than a specific system; there are therefore a number of differing implementations used by ATC providers across the world.

EUROCONTROL recommends that the following principles be placed at the centre of policy making for use of STCA:

  • STCA is a safety net; its sole purpose is to enhance safety and its presence is ignored when calculating sector capacity.
  • STCA is designed, configured and used to make a significant positive contribution to the effectiveness of separation provision and collision avoidance.

Specific training should be provided to ATC staff for the correct use of STCA.

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