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  • curprev 07:12, 1 July 2020Admin talk contribsm 737 bytes +34 Text replacement - "{{Show_Airportmaps}} " to "{{ShowAirportMap|TerrainZoom=10|AirportLayoutZoom=13}} "
  • curprev 08:22, 18 June 2020Admin talk contribsm 703 bytes -233 Text replacement - "===Terrain=== {{#ask:[[{{PAGENAME}}]] |?Coordinates |format=googlemaps |zoom=10 |type=physical |icon=Airport-terminal.png}} ===Airport Layout=== {{#ask:[[{{PAGENAME}}]] |?Coordinates |format=googlemaps |zoom=13 |type=satellite |icon...
  • curprev 16:01, 3 January 2019Integration.Manager talk contribs 936 bytes +936 Created page with "{{Airport |Airport_Name=Alegrete Airport |ICAO_Region=CARSAM |ICAO_Territory=SB |IATA Code=ALQ |Elevation=459ft |Location=Alegrete |Main city served=Alegrete |ISO_Subdivision_..."