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SE112: Moving Map Display with Own-Ship, Traffic, and Runway Occupancy Advisory System

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The purpose of this Safety Enhancement is to reduce runway incursions by improving pilot situational awareness using cockpit/vehicle moving map technology in commercial aircraft. The requirements for the moving map implementation are organized into four phases. SE112 builds upon SE110 and SE111 by adding functionality for runway occupancy advisory systems to Phase 1 (own-ship position enabled by GPS) and Phase 2 (data-linked traffic enabled by ADS-B/TIS-B).

This safety enhancement is not currently on the CAST Plan, but might be included in the future. In that event, the attached Implementation Plan would be revised prior to inclusion.

Related Implementation Plan

Detailed Implementation Plan

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The following SERFIs separate the development phases outlined in SE061 into separate SEs that build upon each other. Note that all these SEs are currently Reserved for Future Implementation (SERFIs).

SE061: Cockpit Moving Map Display

SE110: Moving Map Display with GPS Own-Ship Position

SE111: Moving Map Display with Own-Ship and Traffic Enabled by ADS-B/TIS-B

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