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SE071: Turbulence Displays - Carry-on Equipment

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The purpose of this Safety Enhancement is to provide improved, real-time turbulence information to pilots, ground operations personnel, and forecasters for turbulence avoidance decisions and for input to turbulence forecasts. This will be accomplished through the improvement of automated airborne turbulence measurements; new flight deck displays of turbulence information; improved or new on-board look-ahead turbulence detection capabilities; and upgraded flight crew procedures for use of the improved information to avoid turbulence.

SE071 assumes equippage with electronic flight bag (EFB) or other carry-on displays. The enhancement provides first-generation turbulence displays for these products via integration of up-linked information on existing carry-on displays.

This safety enhancement is not currently on the CAST Plan, but might be included in the future. In that event, the attached Implementation Plan would be revised prior to inclusion.

Related Implementation Plan

Detailed Implementation Plan

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