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Content source: ICAO ICAO


SCF-PP: Powerplant failure or malfunction - Failure or malfunction of an aircraft system or component - related to the powerplant.

Usage Notes


  • If the failure renders the aircraft uncontrollable it is coded as SCF-PP only, not as loss of control (LOC-I or LOC-G). However, if the failure does not render the aircraft uncontrollable, but leads to a loss of control, code the event under both SCF-PP and LOC-I or LOC-G, as appropriate.
  • Includes failures or malfunctions of any of the following: propellers, rotors, propeller/main rotor drive train (gearbox, transmission), reversers, and powerplant controls.
  • Includes powerplant parts or pieces separating from a powerplant.
  • Includes all failures/malfunctions, including those related to or caused by maintenance issues.
  • Rotorcraft cyclic, collective and tail rotor drive and control failures or malfunctions are coded as non-powerplant failures (SCF-NP), not SCF-PP.
  • The following fuel-related powerplant problems are coded under the category Fuel, not under the category SCF-PP: fuel exhaustion; fuel starvation/mismanagement; fuel contamination; wrong fuel; carburetor and induction icing.

NOTE: For sub-categorization of SCF-PP, a separate taxonomy has been developed and can be found on the CICTT website http://intlaviationstandards.org.