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Safety Behaviours - Guide for Pilots

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Toolkit Overview

The toolkit “Safety behaviours: Guide for Pilots” was developed by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) with the objective of providing comprehensive human factors information to further support learning within this very important field. For those, who have been already exposed to human factors theory, a Resource Guide, within the toolkit, serves as a good refresher or “top up” of information. There is also a Facilitators' Guide which provides advice to training and safety managers on how to use the resources to gain most value. The Guide provides a stronger focus on the needs of low capacity regular public transport (small regional air carriers) and charter operations, flying training organisations and private operators of particular.


Airtime is a video drama used as a case study with which to highlight human factors issues. The video is followed by expert comment on the HF issues highlighted, and the toolkit includes a Pilot's Workbook which pilots can use to record their observations on the HF issues raised in the video and directs them to additional supporting resources.

Modules and Self Study Material

The toolkit includes a number of short video modules which provide an introduction to several Human Factors topics and links to a large number of supporting documents for study.

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There are 4 videos to watch below arranged in order:
  • First, view the short Introduction video which explains the objectives of the case study,
  • then view the "Airtime" video itself. You may find it useful to use the Workbook produced by CASA to support and maximise the learning opportunities presented by the video.
  • There next follows an Introduction to the Expert Analysis of the case study
  • and then the Expert Analysis.


This short Video introduces the "Airtime" video and explains the objectives.
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The full "Airtime" video
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Introduction to expert analysis

Short video introducing the expert analysis
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Expert analysis

Expert analysis of the "Airtime" video.
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now take a look at the Toolkit Modules & Supporting material