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The SES legislative framework consists of five basic Regulations (No 549/2004, 550/2004, 551/2004, 552/2004 and 216/2008) covering the provision of air navigation services (ANS), the organisation and use of airspace, the interoperability of the European Air Traffic Management Network (EATMN) and the establishment of common rules in the field of civil aviation and of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

These Regulations were amended in 2009 by Regulations No 1070 and No 1108.

A set of Implementing Rules (IRs), adopted by the European Commission, supports the implementation of each basic Regulation.

An overview and fast access to all SES Regulations is provided by the structured table of SES legislation.

Single European Sky

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Note: This Regulation amends Regulation 549/2004, Regulation 550/2004, Regulation 551/2004 and Regulation 552/2004.

Note: This Regulation amends Regulation 2016/2008