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Runway Excursion

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A veer off or overrun off the runway surface. (ICAO)

This SKYbrary category includes two types of occurrences, notably "Undershoot on Landing" and "Wrong Runway Use", which do not fit the ICAO ADREP definition for a runway excursion. However, their inclusion has been considered appropriate due to the commonality of a number of causal and contributory factors and/or mitigation approaches.

Occurrence Types included in the Runway Excursion Category

  • Overrun on Take Off: A departing aircraft fails to become airborne or successfully reject the take off before reaching the end of the runway.
  • Overrun on Landing: A landing aircraft is unable to stop before the end of the runway is reached.
  • Directional Control: An aircraft taking off, rejecting take off or landing departs the side of the runway.
  • Undershoot on Landing: An aircraft attempting a landing touches down in the undershoot area of the designated landing runway within the aerodrome perimeter.
  • Wrong Runway Use

Articles grouped under all of these sub-categories are listed below.

Research and Statistics

Checklists & Toolkits

Accident and Serious Incident Reports

For a fuller overview of this issue, see the article: Runway Excursion.

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Overrun on Take Off Overrun on Landing Directional Control
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Wrong Runway Use
Overrun on Take Off Overrun on Landing Directional Control Undershoot on Landing Wrong Runway Use
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