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Runway Excursion

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When the wheels of an aircraft on the runway surface depart the end or the side of the runway surface.

"A veer off or overrun off the runway surface." (ICAO)


Runway excursions can occur on takeoff or on landing. They consist of two types of events:

  • Veer-Off: Excursion in which an aircraft departs the side of a runway
  • Overrun: Excursion in which an aircraft departs the end of a runway

Occurrence Types

Articles with knowledge related to Runway Excursions are arranged within the following sub-categories - click on the icons to view the full list of articles. Because of their nature, some articles are listed in more than one sub-category...

  • Overrun on Take Off
Overrun on Take Off
A departing aircraft fails to become airborne or successfully reject the take off before reaching the end of the runway.
  • Overrun on Landing
Overrun on Landing
A landing aircraft is unable to stop before the end of the runway is reached.
  • Veer Off
Veer Off
An aircraft departs the side of the runway after touchdown on landing or departs the side of the runway during the take off run.

Research and Statistics

Checklists & Toolkits

IATA/ICAO Runway Excursion Risk Reduction Toolkit

Accident and Serious Incident Reports

European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions

For a fuller overview of this issue, see the article: Runway Excursion.

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