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Level busts are often the result of break-down of the pilot-equipment interface; that is to say, the correct handling or interpretation of aircraft equipment by the pilot. There are usually two elements to this:

  • The pilot makes an incorrect setting or performs an inappropriate action on the equipment; and,
  • The error is not noticed or not corrected by other flight-crew members.

Typical Scenarios

  • Use of the Altitude Alerter. The pilots inadvertently select the wrong altitude or flight level on the altitude alerter;
  • Use of the Autopilot.
    • The pilot enters an incorrect target altitude on the Flight Guidance System and fails to confirm the entered target on the Primary Flight Display and/or the Navigation Display;
    • The pilot inadvertently arms a selected mode or selects an incorrect mode;
    • The pilots become pre-occupied with the automatic systems resulting in loss of situational awareness;
See also Level Bust and Aircraft Technical Equipment.

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