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PQ 7.187 (ANS)

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Article Information
Content source: ICAO ICAO

Air navigation services (ANS)

Protocol question

PQ 7.187 (ANS) - Has the State established and implemented a system for reporting ATC incidents?

Guidance for review of protocol question

  • Review documented evidence confirming the existence and use of an incident reporting process inclusive of follow-up action

ICAO Reference

Procedures for Air Navigation Services

  • Doc 4444 - 16.3 AIR TRAFFIC INCIDENT REPORT - 16.3.1

  • Doc 4444 - 16.3 AIR TRAFFIC INCIDENT REPORT - 16.3.2

  • Doc 4444 - 16.3 AIR TRAFFIC INCIDENT REPORT - 16.3.3

Critical Element: Resolution of Safety Concerns (8)

PQ Lack of Effective Implementation (LEI): 32.89%

ICAO Representative Protocol Questions (PQs): Full List