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==ICAO Reference Documents==
==ICAO Reference Documents==
ICAO document guidance material:
===ICAO document guidance material===
*Doc 9756 Part I 2.1.6
*Doc 9756, Part I - 2.1 STRUCTURE - 2.1.6{{ShowProvision|DocumentID=Doc 9756, Part I|ChapterNumber=Chapter 2|ParagraphNumber=2.1.6}}

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Article Information
Content source: ICAO ICAO

Aircraft accident and incident investigation (AIG)

Protocol question

AIG 6.311 - Does the State ensure that the up-to-date contact information of aircraft accident investigation authorities in other States is made available to the relevant personnel?

Guidance for review of protocol question

  • Verify the accuracy of the contact information made available to the relevant personnel
  • Verify that amendments are made based on the contact list published on the ICAO FSIX website (see section “Resolving Safety Deficiencies”).

ICAO Reference Documents

ICAO document guidance material

  • Doc 9756, Part I - 2.1 STRUCTURE - 2.1.6

Critical Element: Organization & Safety Oversight Functions (3)

PQ Lack of Effective Implementation (LEI): 42.95%

ICAO Representative Protocol Questions (PQs): Full List