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'''Critical Element:''' Licensing & Certification Obligations (6)
'''Critical Element:''' Licensing & Certification Obligations (6)
'''PQ LEI''': 42.47%
'''PQ Lack of Effective Implementation (LEI)''': 42.47%
[[Category:Enhancing Safety]]
[[Category:Enhancing Safety]]

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Article Information
Content source: ICAO ICAO

Operations (OPS)

Protocol question

OPS 4.189 - Does the aircraft operations organization ensure that all regulations on the contents of the operations manual, as part of the flight safety documents system, are taken into account, reviewed and implemented by the air operator before granting the AOC or any specific approval?

Guidance for review of protocol question

  • Verify regulations and inspectors procedures
  • Confirm certification process
  • Sample a specific case

ICAO Reference Documents

STD: A6 Part I, 10.3, & Att. F, 3.3

GM: Doc 9376

Critical Element: Licensing & Certification Obligations (6)

PQ Lack of Effective Implementation (LEI): 42.47%