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==Guidance for review of protocol question==
==Guidance for review of protocol question==
*Review policy and procedures
* Review policy and procedures
*Specific examples of enforcement to be reviewed in each area
* Specific examples of enforcement to be reviewed in each area
==ICAO Reference==
Chicago Convention:
*[http://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Convention_-_Rules_-_of_the_air Article 12]
{{ICAO Provision
|ID = Convention
|Title = on International Civil Aviation
|Edition = Ninth edition
|ApplicationDate = 2006-01-01
|ChapterNumber = CHAPTER II
|ParagraphNumber = Rules
|ParagraphName = of the air
|Text = <protect>
Each contracting State undertakes to adopt measures to insure that every aircraft flying over or maneuvering within its territory and that every aircraft carrying its nationality mark, wherever such aircraft may be, shall comply with the rules and regulations relating to the flight and maneuver of aircraft there in force. Each contracting State undertakes to keep its own regulations in these respects uniform, to the greatest possible extent, with those established from time to time under this Convention. Over the high seas, the rules in force shall be those established under this Convention. Each contracting State undertakes to insure the prosecution of all persons violating the regulations applicable.
ICAO document guidance material:
*[[Doc 9734, Part A - 3.9 RESOLUTION OF SAFETY CONCERNS (CE-8) - 3.9.1|Doc 9734 Part A 3.9]]
==ICAO References==
===Chicago Convention, Article 12===
{{ShowProvision|DocumentID=Convention|ChapterNumber=CHAPTER II|ParagraphNumber=Rules}}
===Guidance material===
*Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.1 {{ShowProvision|DocumentID=Doc 9734, Part A|ChapterNumber=Chapter 3|ParagraphNumber=3.9.1}}
*Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.2 {{ShowProvision|DocumentID=Doc 9734, Part A|ChapterNumber=Chapter 3|ParagraphNumber=3.9.2}}
*Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.3 {{ShowProvision|DocumentID=Doc 9734, Part A|ChapterNumber=Chapter 3|ParagraphNumber=3.9.3}}
*Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.4 {{ShowProvision|DocumentID=Doc 9734, Part A|ChapterNumber=Chapter 3|ParagraphNumber=3.9.4}}
*Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.5 {{ShowProvision|DocumentID=Doc 9734, Part A|ChapterNumber=Chapter 3|ParagraphNumber=3.9.5}}
*Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.6 {{ShowProvision|DocumentID=Doc 9734, Part A|ChapterNumber=Chapter 3|ParagraphNumber=3.9.6}}
*Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.7 {{ShowProvision|DocumentID=Doc 9734, Part A|ChapterNumber=Chapter 3|ParagraphNumber=3.9.7}}
*Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.8 {{ShowProvision|DocumentID=Doc 9734, Part A|ChapterNumber=Chapter 3|ParagraphNumber=3.9.8}}

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Article Information
Content source: ICAO ICAO

Legislation (LEG)

Protocol question

PQ 1.055 (LEG) - Has the State established a policy and procedures for enforcement?

Guidance for review of protocol question

  • Review policy and procedures
  • Specific examples of enforcement to be reviewed in each area

ICAO References

Chicago Convention, Article 12

Guidance material

  • Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.1

  • Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.2

  • Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.3

  • Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.4

  • Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.5

  • Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.6

  • Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.7

  • Doc 9734, Part A, 3.9.8

Critical Element: Primary Legislation (1)

PQ Lack of Effective Implementation (LEI): 45.10%

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