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m (ICAO Reference)
m (ICAO Reference)
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Chicago Convention:
Chicago Convention:
*[[Convention - Rules - of the air|Article 12]]
*[[Convention - Rules - of the air|Article 12]]
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{{#ask:[[Category:ICAO Provisions]][[DocumentID::Convention]][[ChapterNumber::CHAPTER II]][[ParagraphNumber::Rules]]|?ParagraphText|mainlabel=-|format=template|template=ICAO Document}}

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Article Information
Content source: ICAO ICAO

Legislation (LEG)

Protocol question

PQ 1.055 (LEG) - Has the State established a policy and procedures for enforcement?

Guidance for review of protocol question

  • Review policy and procedures
  • Specific examples of enforcement to be reviewed in each area

ICAO Reference

Chicago Convention:

ICAO document guidance material:

Provision information
Document: Doc 9734, Part A
States Safety Oversight System
Edition: Second edition
Applicable on: 01 January 2006
Chapter: Chapter3
Paragraph: 3.9.1

The resolution of identified deficiencies and safety concerns is a critical element at the core of all safety oversight activities. A good safety oversight system will provide for the identification of deficiencies and safety concerns and the appropriate action required for resolution.


Critical Element: Primary Legislation (1)

PQ Lack of Effective Implementation (LEI): 45.10%

ICAO Representative Protocol Questions (PQs): Full List