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Mid air collision risk is increased by the increasing accuracy of automated navigation systems

posted 19 February 2018 in Category:Accidents and Incidents

On 5 September 2015, an aircraft cruising as cleared at FL350 collided with an opposite direction aircraft which had been assigned and acknowledged altitude of FL340. The first aircraft continued to destination with winglet damage but radio contact with the second aircraft was lost and it was subsequently radar-tracked maintaining FL350 and continuing westwards past its destination Dakar for almost an hour before making an uncontrolled descent into the sea. The Investigation found that this aircraft had a recent history of un-rectified altimetry problems which prevented TCAS activation.

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6th Annual Safety Forum Safety Behaviours

May 29-30, 2018. EUROCONTROL HQ, Brussels, Belgium.

The next Safety Forum will consider industry best practice and functionality that can promote, improve and create Safety Behaviours.

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