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Loss of Separation During Weather Avoidance

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This article provides a general overview to controllers of some typical scenarios of loss of separation (LOS) during weather avoidance. It offers some consideration to help controllers provide as much support as possible to the aircraft concerned and maintain the safety of other aircraft in the vicinity of the potential conflict. In the context of this article the term ‘weather avoidance’ is used to describe avoiding actions taken by a pilot to circumnavigate adverse weather (CBs, TCUs, severe turbulence, hail, etc).

There is no set of ready out-of-the-box rules to be followed universally. The controllers should exercise their best judgment when dealing with LOS. The examples and advice provided in this article are not intended to be exhaustive and shall not have prejudice to local ATC procedures.


Loss of separation during weather avoidance is usually caused by an unexpected and considerable change to the flight trajectory. The options for manoeuvring and restoring the separation are likely to be very limited.