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Help:ICAO Search and Solution Centre

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This is the Help Page for the ICAO Search and Solution Centre.

The ICAO Search and Solution Centre is currently under development and is available as a prototype. The ICAO Search and Solution Centre is one of the Skybrary subsites (a.k.a. Skybrary Solutions).

The current prototype demonstrates the capability to:

  1. Search through a single ICAO report, i.e. Air Traffic Management, Procedures for Air Navigation Services (Doc 4444).
  2. Ask a question regarding ICAO related information.
  3. Answer open questions by providing user-generated text and by annotating an answer with paragraphs of ICAO reports (in the prototype: Doc 4444 paragraphs only).
  4. Browse through closed questions, i.e. questions with an answer and appropriate annotations

Since ICAO reports cannot be provided to the Skybrary user base as single documents, the prototype is based on segmented or tree-like versions of ICAO reports, so that only segments of an ICAO report are available at any given time during interaction with ICAO Search and Solution Centre.

The next and final prototype is scheduled for March 14, 2008.