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Hail (GR)


Pellets of ice.


When rising moist warm air in a Cumulonimbus (Cb) cloud becomes saturated and water particles form, these particles continue to be carried upwards by the rising updrafts, turning to ice. These small ice particles descend where they meet and join together with water droplets and are carried upwards again by the updrafts in the cloud, freezing again to become an ice pellet or Hail The cycle continues, with the ice pellets getting larger each time, until the updrafts weaken, as the Cb becomes mature, and they are insufficient to carry the weight of the ice pellets, and they fall to earth. Hail pellets can be as large as a golf ball and can cause considerable damage to aircraft whether on the ground or in the air..

In METARs and TAFs, hail is abbreviated to GR (from the French “Grail”).

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