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===Airport Layout===
{{APT Hazards}}
{{APT Hazards}}
==Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of {{PAGENAME}}==
==Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of {{PAGENAME}}==
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| limit=5
| limit=5
See discussion threads concerning this airport on the SKYbrary '''''Before you Fly There...''''' Forum:
*[http://www.skybrary.aero/ipbforums/index.php?showtopic=437 low level turbulence].

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Name Gran Canaria
Region Europe
Territory Canary Islands ES.gif
Location Gran Canaria
Coordinates 27° 55' 53.50" N, 15° 23' 8.81" W
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
03L/21R 3100 m10,170.604 ft <br /> 45 m147.638 ft <br /> ASP yes/yes
03R/21L 3100 m10,170.604 ft <br /> 45 m147.638 ft <br /> ASP yes/yes

Observation GCLP 171000Z 02019KT 9999 SCT025 26/19 Q1019 NOSIG
Station Gran Canaria - Canary Islands
Date/Time 17 September 2021 10:00:00
Wind direction 20°
Wind speed 19 kts
Lowest cloud amount scattered clouds
Temperature 26°C
Dew point 19°C
Humidity 65%
QNH 1019 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Tag(s) Crosswind Landings
Tag(s) Cumulonimbus
Low Level Turbulence

Gran Canaria Airport



International airport serving Las Palmas and the island of Gran Canaria.


Dry-summer subtropical ”Mediterranean" climate (Köppen climate classification Csa) - characterized by hot, dry summers and mild winters. During the summer, subtropical high pressure cells dominate, making rainfall unlikely except for the occasional thunderstorm. In the winter, periodic storms bring rain (snow at higher elevations).



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of GCLP

  • B737, Gran Canaria Spain, 2016 (On 7 January 2016, a Boeing 737-700 was inadvertently cleared by ATC to take off on a closed runway. The take-off was commenced with a vehicle visible ahead at the runway edge. When ATC realised the situation, a 'stop' instruction was issued and the aircraft did so after travelling approximately 740 metres. Investigation attributed the controller error to "lost situational awareness". It also noted prior pilot and controller awareness that the runway used was closed and that the pilots had, on the basis of the take-off clearance crossed a lit red stop bar to enter the runway without explicit permission.)