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ESIMS Results

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The ESARR Implementation Monitoring and Support (ESIMS) Programme was introduced in its present form in 2005 to assess, through a formal and detailed audit process, States’ safety oversight arrangements and capabilities. It is operated in close, formal cooperation with the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (IUSOAP).

On a regular basis, the EUROCONTROL Safety Regulation Commission (SRC) updates and publishes the latest results within its SRC Annual Safety Reports, posted on the EUCONTROL SRC website. The most up to date results are shown below.

Programme Execution

Since 2005, the renewed ESIMS Programme has ceased to be primarily ESARR-based and now focuses on all applicable safety oversight regulations. More specifically, audits cover:

  • Relevant legislative and institutional arrangements;
  • The ATM safety regulations in place;
  • Safety regulatory arrangements, including policy and principles, procedures for rulemaking, safety oversight and personnel licensing, and resources and staff competency.

On-site audits are followed by the development of a State’s Corrective Action Plan, which is incorporated into the Final Audit Report.

As of 1st October 2009, twenty-eight on-site audits had been completed as follows: