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Territory information
Name China
Territory code Z CN.gif
Region Asia and Pacific


China, People's Republic of, officially People's Republic of China, has Beijing as its capital

Airports in China

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Accidents in China

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Operators based in China

Airport listing of China

Aksu AirportAksu3,816 feet1,163.117 m <br />AksuXinjiang
Altay AirportAltay2,491 feet759.257 m <br />AltayXinjiang
Ankang Wulipu AirportAnkang860 feet262.128 m <br />WuliShaanxi
Anqing Tianzhushan AirportAnqingAnqingAnhui
Anshan Teng'ao AirportAnshanTeng'aoLiaoning
Anshun Huangguoshu AirportAnshunAnshunGuizhou
Arxan Yi'ershi AirportArxanYi'ershiNei Mongol
Baise Bama AirportBaise148 feet45.11 m <br />TianyangGuangxi
Baishan/Changbaishan AirportBaishanBaishanJilin
Baoshan Yunduan AirportBaoshanBaoshanYunnan
Baotou AirportBaotou3,321 feet1,012.241 m <br />BaotouNei Mongol
Beihai Fucheng AirportBeihaiFuchengGuangxi
Beijing Capital International AirportBeijing116 feet35.357 m <br />Chaoyang DistrictBeijing
Beijing Daxing International AirportBeijing98 feet29.87 m <br />TanchengcunBeijing
Beijing Nanyuan AirportBeijingBeijing, Fengtai District
Bijie Feixiong AirportDafang CountyBijieGuizhou
Bole Alashankou AirportBole AlashankouBole Alashankou
Changchun Longjia InternationalChangchun, Jilin
Changde Taohuayuan AirportChangdeChangdeHunan
Changhai AirportChanghaiChanghai
Changsha Huanghua International AirportChangsha217 feet66.142 m <br />Huanghua, Changsha CountyHunan
Changzhi Wangcun AirportChangzhi WangcunChangzhi Wangcun
Changzhou Benniu AirportChangzhouChangzhou
Chaoyang AirportChaoyangChaoyang
ChengduShuangliu County, Chengdu
Chifeng Yulong AirportChifengChifengNei Mongol
Chizhou Jiuhuashan AirportChizhouGuichi District, Chizhou
Chongqing Jiangbei InternationalChongqing1,365 feet416.052 m <br />Yubei, Chongqing
Dali AirportDaliDali, Yunnan
Dalian Zhoushuizi InternationalDalian, Liaoning
Dandong Langtou AirportDandong LangtouDandong Langtou
Daocheng Yading AirportDaocheng YadingSangdui Township, Sichuan
Daqing Sartu AirportDaqing SartuDaqing Sartu
Datong Yungang AirportDatong YungangDatong Yungang
Dazhou Heshi AirportDazhou HeshiDazhou Heshi
Dehong Mangshi AirportDehong MangshiDehong Mangshi
Dongying Shengli AirportDongying ShengliDongying Shengli
Dunhuang AirportDunhuangDunhuangGansu
Dêqên Shangri-La AirportShangri-LaShangri-La, Dêqên Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan
Enshi Xujiaping AirportEnshiEnshiHubei
Erenhot Saiwusu International AirportErenhot3,270 feet996.696 m <br />SaiwusuNei Mongol
Foshan Shadi AirportFoshanFoshanGuangdong
Fuyang Xiguan AirportFuyangFuyang, Anhui Province
Fuzhou Changle InternationalFuzhou46 feet14.021 m <br />ChangleFujian
Gannan Xiahe AirportHezuo and XiaheXiaheGansu
Ganzhou Huangjin AirportGanzhouFenggang, Jiangxi Province
Golmud AirportGolmudGolmud
Guangyuan Panlong AirportGuangyuan PanlongGuangyuan Panlong
Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportGuangzhou50 feet15.24 m <br />GuangzhouGuangdong
Guilin Liangjiang International AirportGuilin LiangjiangLiangjiang, Guangxi
Guiyang Longdongbao InternationalGuiyangGuiyang, Guizhou
Guyuan Liupanshan AirportGuyuan Liupanshan AirportGuyuan Liupanshan Airport
Haikou Meilan InternationalHainanHaikou, Hainan
Hami AirportHamiHami
Handan AirportHandanHandan Airport
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International AirportHangzhou23 feet7.01 m <br />XiaoshanZhejiang
Hanzhong Xiguan AirportHanzhong XiguanHanzhong Xiguan
Harbin Taiping International AirportHarbin457 feet139.294 m <br />HarbinHeilongjiang
Hefei Luogang InternationalHefei33 feet10.058 m <br />Gaoliu, Anhui
Heihe AirportHeiheHeihe
Hohhot Baita International AirportHohhot3,556 feet1,083.869 m <br />HohhotNei Mongol
Hotan AirportHotan AirportHotan Airport
Huai'an Lianshui AirportChenshiHuai'an, Jiangsu Province
Huaihua/Zhijiang AirportHuaihuaZhijiang DongHunan
Huangshan Tunxi International AirportHuangshan CityTunxi, Huangshan City, Anhui
Hulunbuir Hailar AirportHulunbuir2,169 feet661.111 m <br />Hailar District, HulunbuirNei Mongol
Jiamusi Dongjiao AirportJiamusi262 feet79.858 m <br />JiamusiHeilongjiang
Jieyang Chaoshan International AirportJieyang, Shantou, ChaozhouJiedong County, JieyangGuangdong
Jinan Yaoqiang InternationalJinan, Shandong
Jinchang Jinchuan AirportJinchangJinchang, Gansu
Jingdezhen Luojia AirportJingdezhenJingdezhen, Jiangxi Province
Jinggangshan AirportJi'anTaihe County, Jiangxi Province
Jining Qufu AirportJining QufuJining Qufu
Jinzhou Xiaolingzi AirportJinzhou XiaolingziJinzhou Xiaolingzi
Jiujiang Lushan AirportJiujiangJiujiang, Jiangxi Province
Jiuquan/Jiayuguan AirportJiuquan5,112 feet1,558.138 m <br />JiuquanGansu
Jiuzhai Huanglong AirportJiuzhai/Huanglong11,311 feet3,447.593 m <br />SongpanSichuan
Jixi Xingkaihu AirportJixiJidongHeilongjiang
Kaili Huangping AirportKaili HuangpingKaili Huangping
Kanas AirportKanasKanas
Kangding AirportKangdingKangding
Karamay AirportKaramayKaramay
Kashgar AirportKashgarKashgar
Korla AirportKorla AirportKorla Airport
Kunming Wujiaba International AirportKunming6,217 feet1,894.942 m <br />Kunming, Yunnan
Lanzhou Zhongchuan AirportLanzhou6,388 feet1,947.062 m <br />LanzhouGansu
Lhasa GonggarLhasaLhasa, Tibet
Lianyungang Baitabu AirportLianyungangLianyungang, Jiangsu Province
Libo AirportLiboLibo, Qiannan
Lijiang Sanyi AirportLijiang SanyiLijiang Sanyi
Lincang AirportLincangLincang
Linyi Shubuling AirportLinyi ShubulingLinyi Shubuling
Liping AirportLipingLiping
Liuzhou Bailian AirportLiuzhouLiuzhou
Longyan Guanzhishan AirportLianchengLongyan Fujian
Luoyang Beijiao AirportLuoyangLuoyang, Henan Province
Luzhou Lantian AirportLuzhou LantianLuzhou Lantian
Macau International AirportMacau20 feet6.096 m <br />TaipaMacau
Manzhouli Xijiao AirportManzhouliManzhouliNei Mongol
Meizhou/Meixian AirportMeizhouMeixianGuangdong
Mianyang Nanjiao AirportMianyang NanjiaoMianyang Nanjiao
Mohe Gulian AirportMoheMoheHeilongjiang
Mudanjiang Hailang AirportMudanjiang883 feet269.138 m <br />MudanjiangHeilongjiang
Nalati AirportNalatiNalati
Nanchang Changbei International AirportNanchang143 feet43.586 m <br />Nanchang, Jiangxi
Nanchong Gaoping AirportNanchong GaopingNanchong Gaoping
Nanjing Lukou InternationalNanjing, Jiangsu
Nanning Wuxu International AirportNanning WuxuNanning Wuxu
Nantong Xingdong AirportNantongXingdong, Jiangsu Province
Nanyang Jiangying AirportNanyangJiangying, Henan Province
Ngari Gunsa AirportNgari GunsaNgari Gunsa
Ningbo Lishe InternationalNingbo, Yangtze River
Nyingchi Mainling AirportNyingchi9,675 feet2,948.94 m <br />MainlingXizang
Ordos Ejin Horo AirportOrdosEjin Horo BannerNei Mongol
Panzhihua Bao'anying AirportPanzhihua Bao'anyingPanzhihua Bao'anying
Pu'er Simao AirportPu'er SimaoPu'er Simao
Qamdo Bamda AirportQamdo14,219 feet4,333.951 m <br />BamdaXizang
Qianjiang Wulingshan AirportQianjiangZhoubai
Qiemo AirportQiemo AirportQiemo Airport
Qingdao Liuting International AirportQingdao33 feet10.058 m <br />Qingdao, Shandong
Qingyang AirportQingyangQingyang, Gansu Province
Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan AirportQinhuangdao ShanhaiguanQinhuangdao Shanhaiguan
Qiqihar Sanjiazi AirportQiqihar477 feet145.39 m <br />QiqiharHeilongjiang
Quanzhou Jinjiang AirportQuanzhouJinjiangFujian
Quzhou AirportQuzhouQuzhou
Sanya PhoenixSanyaSanya, Hainan
Shanghai Hongqiao InternationalPuxi, Shanghai
Shanghai Pudong InternationalPudong, Shanghai
Shenyang Taoxian International AirportShenyang198 feet60.35 m <br />Shenyang, Liaoning
Shenzhen Bao'an International AirportShenzhen13 feet3.962 m <br />Bao'an, ShenzhenGuangdong
Shigatse Peace AirportShigatse PeaceShigatse Peace
Shijiazhuang Zhengding InternationalShijiazhuangShijiazhuang, HebeiHebei
Tacheng AirportTachengTacheng
Taiyuan Wusu InternationalTaiyuan, Shanxi
Taizhou Luqiao AirportTaizhou LuqiaoTaizhou Luqiao
Tangshan Sannuhe AirportTangshan SannuheTangshan Sannuhe
Tengchong Tuofeng AirportTengchong TuofengTengchong Tuofeng
Tianjin Binhai International AirportTianjin10 feet3.048 m <br />Tianjin, Dongli district
Tianshui Maijishan AirportTianshuiTianshui, Gansu Province
Tonghua Sanyuanpu AirportTonghua SanyuanpuTonghua Sanyuanpu
Tongliao AirportTongliaoTongliao, Inner Mongolia
Tongren Fenghuang AirportTongren FenghuangTongren Fenghuang
Turpan Jiaohe AirportTurpan-505 feet-153.924 m <br />TurpanXinjiang
Ulanhot AirportUlanhotUlanhot, Inner Mongolia
Wanzhou Wuqiao AirportWanzhou1,860.236 feet567 m <br />Wanzhou
Weifang AirportWeifangWeifang
Weihai Dashuibo AirportWeihai DashuiboWeihai Dashuibo
Wenshan Puzhehei AirportWenshan PuzheheiWenshan Puzhehei
Wenzhou Yongqiang InternationalWenzhouWenzhou, Zhejiang
Wuhai AirportWuhaiHaibowan, WuhaiNei Mongol
Wuhan Tianhe International AirportWuhan113 feet34.442 m <br />WuhanHubei
WuxiWuxi, Jiangsu, China
Wuyishan AirportWuyishan643 feet195.986 m <br />NanpingFujian
Wuzhou Changzhoudao AirportWuzhou ChangzhoudaoWuzhou Changzhoudao
Xi'an Xianyang InternationalXi'an, Shaanxi
Xiamen Gaoqi International AirportXiamen59 feet17.983 m <br />HuliFujian
Xiangyang Liuji AirportXiangyangXiangyangHubei
Xichang Qingshan AirportXichang QingshanXichang Qingshan
Xilinhot AirportXilinhotXilinhot, Inner Mongolia
Xingyi Wanfenglin AirportXingyi WanfenglinXingyi Wanfenglin
Xining Caojiabao AirportXining7,119 feet2,169.871 m <br />HuzhuQinghai
Xishuangbanna Gasa AirportXishuangbanna GasaXishuangbanna Gasa
Xuzhou Guanyin AirportXuzhouXuzhou, Jiangsu Province
Yan'an Ershilipu AirportYan'an Ershilipu AirportYan'an Ershilipu Airport
Yancheng Nanyang AirportYanchengNanyang, Jiangsu Province
Yangzhou Taizhou AirportYangzhouYangzhou, Jiangsu Province
Yanji Chaoyangchuan AirportYanji ChaoyangchuanYanji Chaoyangchuan
Yantai Laishan InternationalYantai, Shandong
Yibin Caiba AirportYibin Caiba AirportYibin Caiba Airport
Yichang Sanxia AirportYichangYichangHubei
Yichun Lindu AirportYichunYichunHeilongjiang
Yichun Mingyueshan AirportYichunHutian Town, Yuanzhou District
Yining AirportYiningYining
Yiwu AirportYiwuYiwu
Yongzhou Lingling AirportYongzhouLengshuitan, YongzhouHunan
Yulin Yuyang AirportYulin YuyangYulin Yuyang
Yuncheng Guangong AirportYuncheng GuangongYuncheng Guangong
Yushu Batang AirportYushu BatangYushu Batang
Zhangjiajie Hehua AirportZhangjiajieZhangjiajieHunan
Zhangjiakou Ningyuan AirportZhangjiakou NingyuanZhangjiakou Ningyuan
Zhanjiang AirportZhanjiangZhanjiangGuangdong
Zhaotong AirportZhaotongZhaotong
Zhengzhou Xinzheng International AirportZhengzhou151 feet46.025 m <br />Xinzheng, ZhengzhouHenan
Zhongwei Shapotou AirportZhongwei ShapotouZhongwei Shapotou
Zhoushan Putuoshan AirportZhoushan PutuoshanZhoushan Putuoshan
Zhuhai Jinwan AirportZhuhaiSanzao Town, Jinwan DistrictGuangdong
Zunyi Xinzhou AirportZunyi2,920 feet890.016 m <br />XinzhouGuizhou
Ürümqi Diwopu InternationalÜrümqi2,125 feet647.7 m <br />Diwopu, Xinjiang Uygur