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Loss of Separation

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Loss of separation between aircraft occurs whenever specified separation minima are breached. Minimum separation standards for airspace are specified by ATS authorities, based on ICAO standards.

Types of Loss of Separation

Loss of separation may be either in a vertical or a horizontal plane, or both. Loss of separation may ultimately result in a mid air collision. A Level Bust is one scenario where a loss of separation occurs, leading potentially to a mid air collision. Loss of separation from notified airspace is dealt with under Airspace Infringement. Loss of separation from the ground is dealt with under Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT). Loss of separation between aircraft on the ground is dealt with under Ground Operations and Runway Incursion.

Wake vortex, which may be a consequence of loss of separation between aircraft on the same track, is covered in the category: Wake Vortex Turbulence.

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