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Accident and Serious Incident Reports: LOS

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Reports relating to accidents which involved Loss of Separation.

The accident and serious incident reports are grouped together below in subcategories.

Loss of Separation on Take-off or Go Around

  • A306 / B744, London Heathrow UK, 1996 (LOS HF): On 5 April 1996 loss of separation occurred when a B747, taking off from runway 27R at London Heathrow, conflicted with an A300 carrying out a missed approach from the parallel runway.
  • A332 / RJ1H, vicinity Zurich Switzerland, 2004 (LOS): On 31 October 2004, a Loss of Separation occurred between an A330, on a low go-around from Rwy 14 at Zurich Switzerland, and an RJ100 which had been cleared for take-off on Rwy 10 and was on a convergent flight path.
  • B737/BBJ, LOS, Geneva Switzerland, 2006: On 11 May 2006, loss of separation occurred between a B737 taking off from Geneva and a BBJ which had commenced a go around from the same runway following an unstabilised approach. The speed of the BBJ was such that it rapidly caught up with the departing B737.

Loss of Separation En Route

  • A340/B747, LOS, Newfoundland Canada, 1998: On 20 July 1998, after an ATC error, an Air France A340 Family and an Air Canada B747 on directly converging tracks and at the same level, avoided collision by the correct actioning of coordinated TCAS RAs by both aircraft south of Newfoundland.
  • B734, London Heathrow UK, 1996 (LB LOS): On 12 November 1996 (the same day as the fatal mid air over New Delhi), a B737 descended below its assigned holding level in the LHR holding pattern, in IMC, to within 100 feet vertically and between 680 and 820 metres horizontally of a MD-81 at its correct level. Neither aircraft was fitted with ACAS.
  • E135 / B738, en-route, Amazon Brazil, 2006 (HF AGC LOS): On 29 September 2006, a B737-800, operated by the Brazilian airline Gol, collided head-on with a US owned and operated EMB135 Legacy at FL370 over the Amazon, Brazil. The aircraft were flying at the same altitude in opposite directions along the same airway. Mid-Air Collision
  • H500 / D150, en-route, London UK, 2007 (LOS HF): On 5 October 2007, a loss of separation occurred between a Hughes 369 helicopter and a Jodel D150. The incident occurred outside controlled airspace, in VMC, and the estimated vertical separation as the Jodel took avoiding action by descending, was assessed by both pilots to be less than 50 feet. The helicopter pilot's workload at the time of the incident was high as a result of frequency and transponder changes, and he did not notice the Jodel until it passed under his aircraft.
  • SH36 / SH36, near Watertown WI USA, 2006 (LOS LOC RE): On 5 February 2006, two Shorts SD-360-300 aircraft collided in mid air while in formation near Watertown, WI, USA; both aircraft suffered damage. . One aircraft experienced loss of control and impacted terrain while the other made an emergency landing, overunning the runway, at a nearby airport. Mid-Air Collision

Loss of Separation Following Level Bust

Loss of Separation on the Approach

TCAS-related Incidents

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