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Accident and Serious Incident Reports: LOS

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Category: Loss of Separation Loss of Separation
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Reports relating to accidents which involved Loss of Separation.

The accident and serious incident reports are grouped together below in subcategories.

Loss of Separation on Take-off or Go Around

  • B737/BBJ, LOS, Geneva Switzerland, 2006: On 11 May 2006, loss of separation occurred between a B737 taking off from Geneva and a BBJ which had commenced a go around from the same runway following an unstabilised approach. The speed of the BBJ was such that it rapidly caught up with the departing B737.

Loss of Separation En Route

  • A340/B747, LOS, Newfoundland Canada, 1998: On 20 July 1998, after an ATC error, an Air France A340 Family and an Air Canada B747 on directly converging tracks and at the same level, avoided collision by the correct actioning of coordinated TCAS RAs by both aircraft south of Newfoundland.

Loss of Separation Following Level Bust

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