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A346, Toulouse France, 2007

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During ground running of engines, the aircraft impacted a concrete wall at a ground speed of 30 kts following unintended movement and the aircraft was wrecked.
Event Details
When November 2007
Actual or Potential
Event Type
Ground Operations
Day/Night Day
Flight Conditions On Ground - Normal Visibility
Flight Details
Aircraft AIRBUS A-340-600
Operator AIRBUS
Type of Flight
Take off Commenced No
Flight Airborne No
Flight Completed No
Flight Phase Parked
Location - Airport
Airport Toulouse-Blagnac Airport
Tag(s) Inappropriate crew response - skills deficiency,
Ineffective Monitoring,
Procedural non compliance
Tag(s) Aircraft / Object or Structure conflict
Damage or injury Yes
Aircraft damage Hull loss
Non-aircraft damage Yes
Injuries Most or all occupants
Causal Factor Group(s)
Group(s) Aircraft Operation
Safety Recommendation(s)
Group(s) Aircraft Operation
Investigation Type
Type Independent


An Airbus A340-600, due to be delivered to Etihad Airways, was performing ground tests at the Airbus plant, Toulouse Airport in normal daylight visibility on 15 November 2007 with technical personnel in the pilot seats. The wheels were not chocked when the crew began engine and brake system testing. When the aircraft began to move with high thrust already set, the response of the two people in the flight deck was inappropriate and a reduction in thrust was not actioned as a first response. The result was that the aircraft impacted and then mounted the concrete containment wall of the running bay causing the destruction of the aircraft and injury to all five occupants.


Although no State Investigation was required under ICAO Annex 13, an independent investigation in accordance with similar procedures was requested from, carried out and subsequently published by the Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses (BEA)

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