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Writing a SKYbrary Article

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This article provides general guidance on writing articles for SKYbrary.

Do You Have Author Rights?

Whether a user can create new pages depends on the rights of the user group he or she belongs to. If you do not have the appropriate author rights, contact the editor: editor@skybrary.aero

New articles are created in the Work in Progress section and, once approved, are moved by the Knowledge Integration Manager to the main section of SKYbrary. You can place your article directly into Work in Progress. For information on how to do this, see the help page: Help:Starting a new page.

Guidance on Writing an Article

While the majority of SKYbrary visitors are aviation professionals such as flight crew, engineers, or controllers, not all of them speak English as a first language. Authors should therefore avoid complicated language and the use of words which are not in common usage.

Article Structure

We try to adhere to a standard structure for SKYbrary articles:


An article will start with a Definition and/or a Description. The definition should explain the meaning of the term which is the subject of the article. For example, if the title of the article is Anabatic Wind then the Definition would be: "A warm flow of air travelling up a south facing slope of a hill or mountain." Where possible ICAO or HEIDI definitions should be used or a definition made by another appropriate authority.


A short description of what the article is about.

Subsequent headings depend on the topic. However, if the article concerns a hazard, then we try to apply the following structure:


A short explanation of the threat posed by the hazard.


A review of the safety barriers in place


Some typical scenarios which illustrate the various ways in which the hazard creates a safety problem. These may be based on real events or be generic.

Contributing Factors

A summary of the factors which contribute to the likelihood of severity of the hazard.


The most important part of the article is a summary of the solutions which can be employed to mitigate the residual risk.

Related Articles

All articles end with links to other related SKYbrary articles which the reader may find of interest. You can add these yourself or leave it to the Editor.

Further Reading

Here we include any reference documents that support the article. The Editor will upload these onto the SKYbrary bookshelf if you provide the URL.

As an example of a typical article using this structure click here.

If you have any questions about writing and submitting articles, contact the Editor: editor@skybrary.aero