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Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP)

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The Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) sets out a strategy which supports the prioritization and continuous improvement of civil aviation safety. The GASP provides a framework for the development and implementation of regional, sub-regional and national plans.

The overall purpose of the GASP is to guide the harmonized development of regional and State safety planning, supported by regional safety activities. It seeks to assist States and regions in their safety policies, planning and implementation by:

  • establishing the global safety priorities and GASP objectives;
  • providing a planning framework, timelines and guidance material; and
  • presenting implementation strategies and a global aviation safety roadmap to address the procedures and methods to achieve the GASP objectives and set specific priorities at both State and regional levels as well as the role of industry partners.

The GASP includes objectives for States to meet through the implementation of effective safety oversight systems, State safety programmes (SSPs) and the development of advanced safety oversight systems, including predictive risk management. The GASP also sets out timelines for the global collective achievement of these near-, mid- and long-term objectives.

The GASP is published biennially as ICAO Doc 10004 (see Further Reading below).

An action plan called Global Aviation Safety Roadmap (GASR) was developed to assist the aviation community in achieving the objectives presented in the GASP. It provides a structured, common frame of reference for all relevant stakeholders. The roadmap's goal is to ensure that safety initiatives deliver the intended benefits associated with the GASP objectives through enhanced coordination, thus reducing inconsistencies and duplication of effort. The GASP includes instructions on how to use the roadmap to facilitate its implementation.

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