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What's New on SKYbrary - May 2010

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SKYbrary celebrates 2nd Birthday

SKYbrary was launched in May 2008 with an initial baseline of knowledge that had been accumulated over the previous year. Two years on, SKYbrary continues to expand and take on new challenges, making more and more safety knowledge accessible to users, with improving search and filtering functions . The number of partner organisations has increased, most recently with the International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA) joining the SKYbrary team, and together we are building an unrivalled resource to meet the growing needs of users.

Volcanic Ash


Advice for flight crews and controllers, regarding volcanic ash encounters, has been on SKYbrary since launch. However, following the closure of airspace over Europe on 15 April 2010, additional material and references were added. Following the email sent out to subscribers on 15th April, SKYbrary received a record number of hits more than twice the previous record.

The article Managing Volcanic Ash Risk to the Safety of Flights includes a summary of the ICAO North Atlantic Operations Bulletin 2010-009 from 14 May 2010 promulgating interim enhanced procedures to be implemented by States in the event of a volcanic eruption.

Accident and Incident Reports

Accidents and Incidents

Accident reports provide a useful illustration of the flight safety hazards addressed in SKYbrary. It has never been the intention to list all reports, only significant events and those that illustrate particular issues. Nevertheless, the number of accident and serious incident reports stored on SKYbrary has grown significantly over the past year.

We are currently in the process of adding metadata to each cover article to allow easier, user defined filtering and the creation of subsets of reports. This (semantic) classification will greatly improve the value and accessibility of reports on SKYbrary. The recent published report on the B738 loss of control event near Amsterdam in February 2009 is an example of the new style of cover article with semantic classification. The classification of existing accident and incident report articles will take place over the coming few months.

Integration of ICAO ADREP

The continuous development of the "Accidents & Incidents" section on SKYbrary also involves harmonisation with ICAO ADREP taxonomy and enhanced coverage of ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme).

Through the ICAO ADREP Portal, SKYbrary will present the common taxonomies and definitions for aviation accident and incident reporting systems. The common taxonomies and definitions are intended to improve the aviation community's capacity to focus on common safety issues.

The forthcoming integration of the USOAP "Representative Protocol Questions" will improve the visibility of the link between State's safety performance and the level of effective implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices.

Helicopter Safety

People concerned with the safety of helicopter operations have repeatedly commented that coverage of helicopter specific safety issues are not given good coverage on SKYbrary. We are currently working with the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) to address this and will soon start the integration of artilces and additional materials dedicated to helicopter safety operations.

CAST Safety Enhancement Plan


The FAA Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) has delivered numerous significant safety enhancement initiatives over the past decade. We have begun, in partnership with the FAA, to develop a dedicated category on SKYbrary, which will host the CAST Safety Enhancement Plan and outputs.

Content Review

Clearly, many of the articles on SKYbrary are now over 2 years old. The knowledge and best practice in these articles remains valid but we are sistematically reviewing all articles created prior to the official launch in 2008 to ensure that they remain valid, and to check and improve linkages to newer material and references.

Forum & Airport Directory

The “before you fly there” Forum is collecting comments and best practice from a growing community. We are currently building a directory of airports to support the forum by providing information of climatology, significant environmental or man-made hazards, and links to accident and incident reports concerning events which occurred at, or in the vicinity of, the airport. The airport articles will also link to Forum threads about the airport concerned. This work has been underway for some time now and will be completed before the end of June 2010.

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