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Kualanamu International Airport

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Name Kualanamu International Airport
Region Asia and Pacific
Territory Indonesia ID.gif
Location Deli Serdang, Sumatra
Serving Medan
Elevation 7.01 m <br />23 ft7.01 m <br />
Coordinates 3° 37' 52.33" N, 98° 52' 30.26" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
5/23 2900 m9,514.436 ft <br /> 45 m147.638 ft <br /> ASP yes/yes

Observation WIMM 212300Z 19003KT 5000 BR SCT017 24/24 Q1008 NOSIG
Station Medan / Polonia
Date/Time 21 September 2021 23:00:00
Wind direction 190°
Wind speed 03 kts
Lowest cloud amount scattered clouds
Temperature 24°C
Dew point 24°C
Humidity 100%
QNH 1008 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Tag(s) Cumulonimbus
Volcanic Ash

International Airport serving the city of Medan, Indonesia, about 26 km14.039 nm <br />26,000 m <br />85,301.837 ft <br /> east of the city.


Tropical Rainforest climate (Köppen climate classification Af)



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of WIMM

  • A333, Medan Indonesia, 2020 (On 15 September 2020, an Airbus A330-300 touched down at Medan partially off the runway as a result of misjudgement by the right seat handling pilot before regaining it and completing the landing roll. The aircraft and some runway lights were damaged. The handling pilot was an A320/A330 dual-rated Instructor Pilot conducting standardisation training on a new Captain who had not flown for 7½ months having himself not flown from the right seat for six months. The continuing Investigation has recommended that the State Safety Regulator issues guidance in support of its temporary alleviations to pilot recency requirements.)
  • AT75 / B739, Medan Indonesia, 2017 (On 3 August 2017, a Boeing 737-900ER landing at Medan was in wing-to-wing collision as it touched down with an ATR 72-500 which had entered the same runway to depart at an intermediate point. Substantial damage was caused but both aircraft could be taxied clear. The Investigation concluded that the ATR 72 had entered the runway at an opposite direction without clearance after its incomplete readback had gone unchallenged by ATC. Controllers appeared not to have realized that a collision had occurred despite warnings of runway debris and the runway was not closed until other aircraft also reported debris.)
  • B732, Medan Indonesia, 2005 (On 5 September 2005, a Boeing 737-200 being operated by Mandala Airlines on a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Medan, Indonesia to Jakarta failed to become properly airborne during the attempted take off from from runway 23 in day VMC and, after failing to remain airborne, overran the end of the runway at speed finally coming to a stop outside the airport perimeter. The aircraft was destroyed by impact forces and a subsequent fire and 100 of the 117 occupants were killed and 15 seriously injured. The aircraft collided with residential property, vehicles and various other obstructions and as a result a further 49 people on the ground were killed and a further 26 seriously injured.)