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Macau International Airport

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Name Macau International Airport
Region Asia and Pacific
Territory Macau MO.gif
Location Taipa
Serving Macau
Elevation 6.096 m <br />20 ft <br />20 ft6.096 m <br />
Coordinates 22° 8' 58.00" N, 113° 35' 29.00" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
16/34 3214 m10,544.619 ft <br /> 45 m147.638 ft <br /> CON yes/yes

Observation VMMC 281130Z 10012KT 9999 FEW020 SCT028 20/18 Q1014 NOSIG
Station Taipa
Date/Time 28 February 2021 11:30:00
Wind direction 100°
Wind speed 12 kts
Lowest cloud amount few clouds
Temperature 20°C
Dew point 18°C
Humidity 88%
QNH 1014 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Macau International Airport



Macau International Airport situated at the eastern end of Taipa island and neighbouring waters, is the only airport in Macau. Since then the airport has been a common transfer point for people traveling between mainland China and Taiwan, as well as a passenger hub for destinations in mainland China and Southeast Asia.


Humid “subtropical” climate (Köppen climate classification Cwa) - characterized by hot, humid summers and cool winters. Winter months are drier than the summer months. Winter rainfall (and sometimes snowfall) is associated with large storms that the westerlies steer from west to east. Most summer rainfall occurs during thunderstorms and the area is subject to frequent tropical typhoons.



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of VMMC

  • A320, Macau SAR China, 2018 (1) (On 28 August 2018, an Airbus A320 bounced touchdown in apparently benign conditions resulted in nose gear damage and debris ingestion into both engines, in one case sufficient to significantly reduce thrust. The gear could not be raised at go around and height loss with EGPWS and STALL warnings occurred when the malfunctioning engine was briefly set to idle. Recovery was followed by a MAYDAY diversion to Shenzen and an emergency evacuation. The Investigation attributed the initial hard touchdown to un-forecast severe very low level wind shear and most of the damage to the negative pitch attitude during the second post-bounce touchdown.)
  • A320, Macau SAR China, 2018 (2) (On 12 November 2018, an Airbus A320 took off from Macau in good daylight visibility whilst a same-direction runway inspection was in progress but became airborne well before reaching it. The conflict was not recognised until an aural conflict alert was activated, at which point the ATC Assistant took the microphone and instructed the vehicle to clear the runway. The Investigation found that the TWR Controller had forgotten that the vehicle was still on the runway until alerted by the audible alarm and had not checked either the flight progress board or the surface radar before issuing the takeoff clearance.)
  • DC10, Macau SAR China, 2005 (On 9 November 2005, a McDonnell Douglas DC10-30F almost failed to get airborne before the end of the runway on a night takeoff from Macau and its main landing gear then hit lighting and ILS equipment as it climbed at a very shallow angle. After flight, two wheel changes were required due to tyre damage. The Investigation was hindered by the failure of the State of the Operator to assist the Investigation but concluded that the aircraft had been correctly loaded and that the extended take off roll had been due to use of the wrong flap setting.)