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Airspace Infringement Prevention/Material for ATCOs/Publicity Material

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Best Practice – Publicity Material

  • Produce and disseminate publicity material about airspace infringements.
  • Produce posters for use at GA events and for distribution to flying clubs/ groups.
  • Write articles on the extent and risk associated with airspace infringements for GA magazines.
  • Set up a website or support existing GA websites to provide up to date data on infringements and improvement actions.

Cost – Some small production and publishing costs.


A number of ANSPs and Regulatory bodies produce material to publicise the risk of airspace infringement. In Germany the FIS Team has frequently written or contributed to articles in popular general aviation magazines or safety magazines, and produced brochures about airspace structure and other handouts for use at aviation fairs. Websites such as Airspace & Safety Initiative have been set up jointly by the ANSP and regulator in the UK. Radar replay and other material has also been supplied to GASCO for use on their website: www.flyontrack.co.uk.

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