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Radio Discipline

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May I suggest that the overriding 'aspect' for good radio discipline is the existence of effective SOPs and their use. In particular, SOPs should clearly specify a process for change of the principal comms frequency by PNF which includes active monitoring by PF; the way in which the principal comms frequency should be operated alone by a single pilot because the other pilot is temporarily absent from the flight deck or off frequency engaged on another comms task. SOPs should not normally allow monitoring of one frequency whilst simultaneously having responsibility for operating another, with the possible (carefully specified) exception of a listening watch on 121.5. SOPs should also be unequivocal on readback precision.

The example quoted of mis-heard ATC instructions, ATCOs who want to avoid errors like the ones which follow clearances like "climb FL240, heading 260" would de well to add the word "degrees" to the heading...--Chris.stewart 13:22, 8 February 2008 (CET)

local langauage use is rarely 'accidental'!

I have considerable experience of jurisdictions where a local language is used for aircraft that can communicate in it and English language only for everyone else. The 'scenario' quoted here in which ATC 'accidentally' issue a clearance in the local language thus precluding awareness of it by all other traffic which cannot understand that local language is unheard of. Such ATC practice is common and must therefore be assumed to be intentional. Safety issue though this practice undoubtedly is, I would suggest that it is stretching matters a bit to include it with any serious prominence under the heading of 'Radio Discipline' given that I believe that the practice is sanctioned by current ICAO SARPs.--John.Milner 13:36, 8 February 2008 (CET)