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Quality System

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--Ed.Pooley 14:16, 10 January 2008 (CET)This useful information on 'Quality Systems' would benefit from the addition of the way in which Contract and Sub Contract services affect Quality Systems and by a distinction between these two methods of service provision as they affect Quality Systems since most organisations use one or both of these methods of delivering part of their 'product'. This would help provide the picture of many interacting quality systems upon which aviation safety relies.

For a Contract(or) the Quality System of the Main Organisation should establish clearly 'who does what' under the terms of the Contract - for example an Airline might contract line maintenance services. The Quality System of the Contracting organisation (in this example an airline) must then monitor that all contracted maintenance is carried out in accordance with the contract. The contracted maintenance organisation will itself have its own Quality System.

Provision of particular services for an Organisation by the use of sub contract(or)s requires that the Quality System of the Organisation fully includes the activities of the sub contractor. An example of this might be the requirement for AOC Operators under JAR-OPS 1 Part M Subpart G (Operator responsibilities for Continuing Airworthiness) that this function may be Subcontracted but not Contracted.