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Stanislaw Drozdowski

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Stanislaw Drozdowski

Stanislaw Drozdowski is a Senior ATM Expert at EUROCONTROL HQ in Brussels, Belgium, working in the area of airborne safety nets (ACAS/TCAS) and ground-based collision prevention systems (STCA, MSAW). He focuses on current operational issues as well as on enhancements to existing systems. Stan is the editor of the EUROCONTROL ACAS II Bulletin. He is an author of several articles and an invited speaker on topics covering ACAS operations and training. Stan is co-chairman of the EUROCONTROL Safety Nets Improvements Network and engaged in the works of RTCA SC- 147 (TCAS) and EUROCAE WG-75 (ACAS) focusing on the development of ACAS X, the future collision avoidance system. Within WG-75 he is chairman of the Operations Working Subgroup. Stan also supports ANSPs, investigation boards and airlines in investigation of airproxes. Before joining EUROCONTROL in 2002 Stan worked as an ATM System Engineer with Northrop Grumman in Baltimore (USA) on the development and implementation of ATC systems in several countries around the world (1993-2002). He gained his operational expertise working as an en-route Air Traffic Controller and instructor in Poland and New Zealand (1985-1992). Stan earned a Master’s Degree in Transport Management from the Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) in 1985.