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  • B738 / B738, Dublin Ireland, 2014 (Synopsis: On 7 October 2014, a locally-based Boeing 737-800 taxiing for departure from runway 34 at Dublin as cleared in normal night visibility collided with another 737-800 stationary in a queue awaiting departure from runway 28. Whilst accepting that pilots have sole responsible for collision avoidance, the Investigation found that relevant restrictions on taxi clearances were being routinely ignored by ATC. It also noted that visual judgement of wingtip clearance beyond 10 metres was problematic and that a subsequent very similar event at Dublin involving two 737-800s of the same Operator was the subject of a separate investigation.)
  • MD11, Dublin Ireland, 2002 (Synopsis: On 3 February 2002, a Delta Airlines MD-11 encountered a sudden exceptional wind gust (43 kts) during the landing roll at Dublin, Ireland. The pilot was unable to maintain the directional control of the aircraft and a runway excursion to the side subsequently occurred.)
  • MD83, vicinity Dublin Airport, Ireland, 2007 (Synopsis: On 16 August 2007, during a non-precision approach to RWY34 at Dublin airport, the flight crew of a MD83 misidentified the lights of a 16-storey hotel at Santry Cross as those of the runway approach lighting system. The aircraft deviated to the left of the approach course and descended below the Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) without proper visual recognition of the runway in use. A go-around was initiated as soon as ATC corrective clearance was issued.)
  • Vehicle / B752, Dublin Ireland, 2009 (Synopsis: On 29 May 2009, a Boeing 757-200 being operated by UK Airline Thomson Airways on a passenger charter flight from Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt to Dublin and having just landed on runway 10 at destination at night in poor visibility overtook a small ride-on grass mower moving along the right hand side of the runway in approximate line with the aircraft’s right hand wing tip. The driver of the mower was unaware of the arriving aircraft until he heard it on the runway behind him. Prior to the landing, ATC had been informed that all grass-cutting equipment previously working on and around the runway had cleared it.)