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  • B739, en-route, east of Denver CO USA, 2012 (Synopsis: On 31 July 2012, a Boeing 737-900 struck a single large bird whilst descending to land at Denver in day VMC and passing approximately 6000 feet aal, sustaining damage to the radome, one pitot head and the vertical stabiliser. The flight crew declared an emergency and continued the approach with ATC assistance to an uneventful landing. The bird involved was subsequently identified as a White Faced Ibis, a species which normally has a weight around 500 gm but can exceptionally reach a weight of 700 gm. The hole made in the radome was 60 cm x 30 cm.)
  • B763, vicinity London Heathrow UK, 1998 (Synopsis: On 1 September 1998, a Boeing 767-300 had a bird strike with a large flock of geese moments before touchdown at London Heathrow airport, causing substantial damage.)
  • C172, McKinney TX USA, 2003 (Synopsis: On 8 July 2003, a Cessna 172S on an instructional flight hit a vulture which caused significant structural damage to the left wing. During the attempted forced landing which followed, control of the aircraft was lost and the aircraft crashed into terrain near McKinney TX USA.)