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TCAS RA High Vertical Rate

TCAS - Always follow the RA

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TCAS Awareness kit

Clear of Conflict. Raising Awareness of the Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) User Interface is an aid to, and not a substitute for proper TCAS training. This aid was developed by National Air Traffic Services (NATS) in association with FlightSafety International and EUROCONTROL. More information about TCAS can be found here.

TCAS II must be operated in RA mode to provide full safety benefits

[1.25 mins]

"TCAS II Activation"

For maximum safety benefits, Pilots should follow RAs promptly and accurately

[1.33 mins]

"Follow the RA"

Pilots must never manoeuvre in the opposite sense to an RA

[1.26 mins]

"Mid Air Collision of B757 and Tu-154, Uberlingen Germany, 2002"

Pilots must communicate RA's to controllers as soon as possible

[0.56 mins]

"RTF Phraseology associated with TCAS RAs"

Controllers must not interfere with pilot's reactions to RAs

[1.26 mins]

"Controllers Avoiding Instructions Opposite to RA"
"Guidance for Controllers"

Vertical speed must be reduced in response to the 'adjust vertical speed' RAs

[2.30 mins]

"Wrong reaction to 'Adjust Vertical Speed' RAs"

TCAS II displays should not be used for Self-Separation

[1.15 mins]

"Incorrect use of the TCAS traffic display"

Aircrew should consider reducing vertical speed when approaching their cleared flight level

[3.00 mins]

"Rate of climb within last 1000 ft before cleared level "

In a TCAS environment aircraft must operate their Altitude Reporting Transponder

[1.58 mins]

"Effect of Transponder Setting"