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Level Bust

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Level Bust Toolkit

The new and updated Level Bust Toolkit is designed to raise awareness of the level bust issue and to help everyone do their bit to reduce level busts.


How much do you know about Level Busts? Is it enough?

Test your level bust knowledge

Training zone

Airline and ATS trainers: use these interactive resources to run a training session for your people.

Level Bust

Show a video ... discuss it ... hand out the top tips. Adapt the materials to suit your own needs.

See the problems - what would YOU do?

View dramatised events based on real-life situations. Why did they happen? How could they be avoided?

These video clips are short reconstructions based on real-life. Watch them with, or without the transcripts. You can also download the self-study notes to get even more benefit from them.

Level-bust scenario 1
[4.59 mins]

Video transcript

Self study notes