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Safety Culture Discussion Cards - Complete Collection

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Cover card for Safety Culture Discussion Cards

The EUROCONTROL Safety Culture Discussion Cards are a practical resource to aid real discussion about safety culture by any person or team within the ANSP, including staff and managers in air traffic operations (e.g. air traffic controllers, aeronautical information services personnel), maintenance staff, specialist staff and support staff (e.g. safety, quality, projects, human resources, legal, etc). The cards use the same concepts as the survey methodology, though everyday language is used to make the cards completely accessible. The cards can be used without the need for external support.

You can download the whole set of cards in a PDF file by selecting one of the following versions:

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Card 0a
'What is safety Culture?'
‎Card 0b
'Organisation of the cards'
Card 0c
'How to use these cards'
Card 0d
'Option 1: Comparing views'
Card 0e
'Option 2: Safety moments'
Card 0f
'Option 3: Focus on...'
Card 0g
'Option 2: SWOT analysis'
Card 0h
'Option 5: Influences'


Card 1a
'Who cares about safety?'
Card 1b
Card 1c
Card 1d
Card 1e
'Responding to concerns'
Card 1f
Card 1g
'Encourage safety'
Card 1h
'Front line safety first'


Card 2a
'Get help'
Card 2b
Card 2c
'Too little? Too much?'
Card 2d
'Do the right things right'
Card 2e
'Train for change'
Card 2f
'Safety in numbers'
Card 2g
Card 2h
'Make time for safety'
Card 2i
'Right procedures'
Card 2j
'Right equipment'
Card 2k
'Be prepared'


Card 3a
'Speak up'
Card 3b
Follow the trend'
Card 3c
'Learn from incidents'
Card 3d
'Make just cylture real'
Card 3e
'Unacceptable behaviour'
Card 3f
'Focus on the issue'
Card 3g
'To err is human'
Card 3h
'Avoid the blame game'
Card 3i
'Reporting for safety'
Card 3j
'How to report'
Card 3k
Card 3l
'Maintain confidentiality'
Card 3m
'Share experience'
Card 3n
'Investigate to improve'
Card 3o
'Talk it over'
Card 3p
'Time to read'


Card 4a
'Safe procedures'
Card 4b
'Know your risks'
Card 4c
'Balancing safety'
Card 4d
'Taking risks'
Card 4e
'Maintaining safety'
Card 4f
'Managing risks'
Card 4g
'Blind spots'
Card 4h
'Under pressure'


Card 5a
'Us, or us and them'
Card 5b
'Working together'
Card 5c
Card 5d
'Talking about systems'
Card 5e
'Challenge risk'
Card 5f
'Confidence in colleagues'
Card 5g
'Handling negativity'
Card 5h
'Teamwork on the front line'
Card 5i
'Let's talk'


‎Card 6a
‎Card 6b
'Get the picture'
‎Card 6c
'Stay in-comm'
‎Card 6d
'Going up? Going down?'
‎Card 6e
'Look outside'
‎Card 6f
'Accessible ops'
‎Card 6g
'What's the plan?'
‎Card 6h
'Know where to go'


Card 7a
'Know your relevance'
Card 7b
'Take responsibility'
Card 7b
'Colleague commitment'
Card 7d
'The whole picture'
Card 7e
'Speak up'


Card 8a
'Involve. Get involved'
Card 8b
'We make a difference'
Card 8c
'Contribute to change'
Card 8d
'Assessing operational risk'
Card 8e
'Our procedures'


Card 9a
'Photo credits'
Card 9b
'Photo credits'
Card 9c
'Photo credits'
Card 9d
'Copyright and feedback'

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