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Safety Analysis Function of EUROCONTROL and associated Repository (SAFER)

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The Safety Analysis Function of EUROCONTROL and associated Repository - SAFER - system is EUROCONTROL's principal tool in its safety data analysis work, and consists of a European ATM Safety Data Repository, fed by a system of regulatory and voluntary data flows. Integrated analysis forms the basis for safety improvement measures and initiatives. The output of these activities plays a key role in safety improvement (both in safety regulation and safety management).

SAFER is designed to provide the ATM component of the EC’s aviation-wide reporting system, based on ECCAIRS. Accordingly, the system not only provides full inter-connectivity to other ECCAIRS-based systems, such as the data repositories held by EC and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), but also shares a common taxonomy with those systems in respect of ATM occurrences.

SAFER System
The Safet System

The Operation of SAFER

EUROCONTROL is constantly in search of enhancement of the quality and the reporting frequency of ATM safety data with the ultimate objective of a swift and potentially on-line dataflow, to enable continuous improvement of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) safety performance measurement through:

  • a well-timed and sustained analysis process, permitting enhanced safety analysis resulting in up-to-date safety reports that contain safety trends and key risk area information, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Safety to be reported to the aviation community on European ATM Safety performance.
  • significant contributions to safety improvement initiatives and safety measures being developed and implemented for the ATM system, in a consistent and reliable manner.

While EUROCONTROL continues its efforts to rationalise safety data flows (e.g. Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) monitoring) and over time the quality of data being made available by stakeholders continues to improve, the amounts of data within the indicated flows continue to be restricted. As a result, the SAFER system objectives are presently only met to a certain extent as a number of States still need to improve their reporting system(s) and do not report their safety data at ECAC level.

Increased reporting will significantly support the future implementation of the use of KPI’s for Safety as being developed by the EUROCONTROL SAFREP Taskforce under the agreed PC roadmap and planned to be presented by the end of 2009.

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