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SE127: Cargo - Fire Containment

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This Safety Enhancement reduces cargo fires through new or revised standards for the construction of standardized and improved cargo containers that include fire-suppression or fire-containment systems. These systems could include:

  1. Improved containers or Unit Load Devices (ULD) (ULDs) capable of internally containing or suppressing a fire;
  2. Fire containment bags or blankets that would be used to cover palletized cargo or cargo containers; or
  3. Fire suppression systems external to the pallets or ULDs.

These improved containment/suppression systems should be implemented when available.

Related Implementation Plan

Detailed Implementation Plan

Completed Outputs

Technical Standard Order (TSO) C203, Fire Containment Covers (FCC), has been issued. This completes Output 2 of the SE. Additionally, fire containment covers are being manufactured, which completes Output 3 of the SE, and Air Carriers are using fire containment covers, which completes Output 4. Output 5, monitoring of ongoing activity and development of new fire-resistant container ULDs, is also complete.

Related Outputs

Technical Standard Order (TSO) C203, Fire Containment Covers (FCC)

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