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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Overrun on Landing
  • Overrun on Take Off
  • Directional Control
  • Intentional Veer Off Runway
  • Excessive Airspeed
  • RTO decision after V1
  • High Speed RTO (V above 80 but not above V1)
  • Unable to rotate at VR
  • Frozen Deposits on Runway
  • Collision Avoidance Action
  • Excessive Water Depth
  • Late Touchdown
  • Significant Tailwind Component
  • Significant Crosswind Component
  • Thrust Reversers not fitted
  • Landing Performance Assessment
  • Off side of Runway
  • Misaligned take off
  • Taxiway Take Off/Landing
  • Runway Length Temporarily Reduced
  • Intentional Premature Rotation
  • Incorrect Aircraft Configuration
  • Reduced Thrust Take Off
  • Fixed Obstructions in Runway Strip
  • Ineffective Use of Retardation Methods
  • Continued Take Off
  • Continued Landing Roll
  • Excessive Exit to Taxiway Speed
  • Runway Condition not as reported
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Directional Control  +, Off side of Runway  +
Runway Length Temporarily Reduced  +
Directional Control  +, Fixed Obstructions in Runway Strip  +, Off side of Runway  +,
Overrun on Landing  +, Directional Control  +
Overrun on Landing  +, Late Touchdown  +, Significant Tailwind Component  +,
Significant Tailwind Component  +, Continued Take Off  +, Continued Landing Roll  +
Continued Take Off  +
Incorrect Aircraft Configuration  +, Reduced Thrust Take Off  +
Continued Take Off  +, Incorrect Aircraft Configuration  +, Overrun on Take Off  +
Off side of Runway  +
Off side of Runway  +
Directional Control  +
Directional Control  +, Off side of Runway  +
Off side of Runway  +
Off side of Runway  +
Reduced Thrust Take Off  +
Taxiway Take Off/Landing  +
Overrun on Landing  +
Directional Control  +, Off side of Runway  +

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{ "type": "PROPERTY_CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA", "constraints": { "type_constraint": "_txt", "allowed_values": [ "Overrun on Landing", "Directional Control", "Excessive Airspeed", "RTO decision after V1", "High Speed RTO (V above 80 but not above V1)", "Unable to rotate at VR", "Collision Avoidance Action", "Late Touchdown", "Significant Tailwind Component", "Significant Crosswind Component", "Thrust Reversers not fitted", "Landing Performance Assessment", "Off side of Runway", "Taxiway Take Off/Landing", "Runway Length Temporarily Reduced", "Intentional Premature Rotation", "Incorrect Aircraft Configuration", "Reduced Thrust Take Off", "Fixed Obstructions in Runway Strip", "Ineffective Use of Retardation Methods", "Continued Take Off", "Continued Landing Roll", "Excessive Exit to Taxiway Speed", "Frozen Deposits on Runway", "Excessive Water Depth", "Intentional Veer Off Runway", "Misaligned take off", "Runway Condition not as reported", "Overrun on Take Off" ] } }