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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Airframe Structural Failure
  • Significant Systems or Systems Control Failure
  • Degraded flight instrument display
  • Uncommanded AP disconnect
  • AP Status Awareness
  • Non-normal FBW flight control status
  • Airframe Structural Failure
  • Loss of Engine Power
  • Flight Crew Incapacitation
  • Flight Management Error
  • Aircraft Flight Path Control Error
  • Environmental Factors
  • Bird or Animal Strike
  • Aircraft Loading
  • Malicious Interference
  • Temporary Control Loss
  • Extreme Bank
  • Extreme Pitch
  • Last Minute Collision Avoidance
  • Hard landing
  • Take off Trim Setting
  • Incorrect Thrust Computed
  • Unintended transitory terrain contact
  • Collision Damage
  • Incorrect Aircraft Configuration
  • Aerodynamic Stall
  • Minimum Fuel Call
  • Flight Envelope Protection Activated
  • Runway FOD
  • Undershoot on Landing
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Airframe Structural Failure  +, Significant Systems or Systems Control Failure  +
Loss of Engine Power  +, Incorrect Aircraft Configuration  +, Aerodynamic Stall  +
Significant Systems or Systems Control Failure  +
Loss of Engine Power  +, Temporary Control Loss  +, Hard landing  +
Aircraft Loading  +, Unintended transitory terrain contact  +
Temporary Control Loss  +
Flight Management Error  +, Aerodynamic Stall  +
Airframe Structural Failure  +, Flight Management Error  +
Hard landing  +, Unintended transitory terrain contact  +, Collision Damage  +
Loss of Engine Power  +, Flight Management Error  +
Airframe Structural Failure  +, Temporary Control Loss  +
Environmental Factors  +, Extreme Pitch  +, Aerodynamic Stall  +,
Temporary Control Loss  +, Extreme Bank  +, Extreme Pitch  +
Flight Management Error  +, Temporary Control Loss  +, Extreme Pitch  +
Flight Management Error  +
Non-normal FBW flight control status  +, Temporary Control Loss  +, Extreme Bank  +
Significant Systems or Systems Control Failure  +, Loss of Engine Power  +, Uncommanded AP disconnect  +
Temporary Control Loss  +, Unintended transitory terrain contact  +
Flight Management Error  +, Hard landing  +, Incorrect Aircraft Configuration  +
Hard landing  +, Aircraft Flight Path Control Error  +

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{ "type": "PROPERTY_CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA", "constraints": { "type_constraint": "_txt", "allowed_values": [ "Airframe Structural Failure", "Significant Systems or Systems Control Failure", "Degraded flight instrument display", "Uncommanded AP disconnect", "AP Status Awareness", "Non-normal FBW flight control status", "Loss of Engine Power", "Flight Management Error", "Environmental Factors", "Bird or Animal Strike", "Aircraft Loading", "Malicious Interference", "Temporary Control Loss", "Extreme Bank", "Extreme Pitch", "Last Minute Collision Avoidance", "Hard landing", "Take off Trim Setting", "Incorrect Thrust Computed", "Unintended transitory terrain contact", "Collision Damage", "Incorrect Aircraft Configuration", "Aerodynamic Stall", "Minimum Fuel Call", "Flight Envelope Protection Activated", "Flight Crew Incapacitation", "Aircraft Flight Path Control Error", "Runway FOD", "Undershoot on Landing" ] } }