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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Taxiway collision
  • On gate collision
  • Aircraft / Aircraft conflict
  • Aircraft / Person conflict
  • Aircraft / Vehicle conflict
  • Aircraft / Object or Structure conflict
  • ATC clearance error
  • Ground de/anti icing ineffective
  • Ground de/anti icing not available
  • Failure to De/anti Ice
  • Jet Blast / Prop wash
  • Surface Friction
  • Towed aircraft involved
  • Aircraft Push Back
  • Incorrect Parking Position
  • Airbridge Positioning
  • Both objects moving
  • Wingtip clearance
  • Centreline obscured
  • Accepted ATC clearance not followed
  • Surface Lighting control
  • Passenger Aircraft Hold Loading
  • Passenger Loading
  • Cargo Aircraft Loading
  • Fuel Loading
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Engine Ground Running
  • Engine Powered Systems Test
  • No Flight Crew on Board
  • Charting Error
  • Flt Deck/Ramp crew comms
  • Non-active runway take off/landing
  • Closed Runway take off/landing
  • Maintenance work in progress
  • Non Active Runway FOD
  • Ramp crew procedures
  • Taxiway Take Off/Landing
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Aircraft / Object or Structure conflict  +, Wingtip clearance  +
Passenger Aircraft Hold Loading  +
Aircraft / Aircraft conflict  +
Aircraft / Object or Structure conflict  +, Wingtip clearance  +
Aircraft / Object or Structure conflict  +, Wingtip clearance  +
Flt Deck/Ramp crew comms  +, Ramp crew procedures  +
Aircraft / Vehicle conflict  +, Aircraft Push Back  +
Aircraft / Vehicle conflict  +, Towed aircraft involved  +, Both objects moving  +
Aircraft / Object or Structure conflict  +, Wingtip clearance  +
Taxiway collision  +, Aircraft / Vehicle conflict  +
Aircraft / Aircraft conflict  +, ATC clearance error  +
Taxiway collision  +, Aircraft / Object or Structure conflict  +, Wingtip clearance  +
Aircraft Push Back  +
Taxiway collision  +, On gate collision  +, Aircraft / Aircraft conflict  +,
Maintenance work in progress  +
Cargo Aircraft Loading  +, Ramp crew procedures  +
Aircraft / Object or Structure conflict  +

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{ "type": "PROPERTY_CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA", "constraints": { "type_constraint": "_txt", "allowed_values": [ "Taxiway collision", "On gate collision", "Aircraft / Aircraft conflict", "Aircraft / Person conflict", "Aircraft / Vehicle conflict", "Aircraft / Object or Structure conflict", "ATC clearance error", "Ground de/anti icing ineffective", "Ground de/anti icing not available", "Failure to De/anti Ice", "Jet Blast / Prop wash", "Surface Friction", "Towed aircraft involved", "Aircraft Push Back", "Incorrect Parking Position", "Airbridge Positioning", "Both objects moving", "Wingtip clearance", "Centreline obscured", "Accepted ATC clearance not followed", "Surface Lighting control", "Passenger Loading", "Fuel Loading", "Dangerous Goods", "Engine Ground Running", "Engine Powered Systems Test", "No Flight Crew on Board", "Charting Error", "Passenger Aircraft Hold Loading", "Cargo Aircraft Loading", "Flt Deck/Ramp crew comms", "Non-active runway take off/landing", "Closed Runway take off/landing", "Maintenance work in progress", "Non Active Runway FOD", "Ramp crew procedures", "Taxiway Take Off/Landing" ] } }