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Territory information
Name Portugal
Territory code LP PT.gif
Region Europe


Portugal, officially Portuguese Republic, has Lisbon as its capital

Airports in Portugal

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Accidents in Portugal

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Operators based in Portugal

Airport listing of Portugal

Alverca AirbaseMilitary facility3 feet0.914 m <br />Alverca do RibatejoVila Franca de Xira
Beja AirportBeja636 feet193.853 m <br />BejaAlentejo Region
Braga AirportBraga243 feet74.066 m <br />PalmeiraMinho
Cascais Municipal AerodromeCascais326 feet99.365 m <br />TiresGreater Lisbon
Chaves AirportChaves1,181 feet359.969 m <br />ChavesVila Real
Coimbra AirportCoimbra571 feet174.041 m <br />AntanholCoimbra
Corvo AirportCorvo66 feet20.117 m <br />Vila do CorvoAzores
Cristiano Ronaldo International AirportFunchal192 feet58.522 m <br />Santa CatarinaRegião Autónoma da Madeira
Faro AirportFaro24 feet7.315 m <br />FaroFaro
Flores AirportFlores105 feet32.004 m <br />Santa Cruz das FloresAzores
Graciosa AirportGraciosa85 feet25.908 m <br />Santa Cruz da GraciosaAzores
Horta AirportHorta118 feet35.966 m <br />Castelo BrancoAzores
João Paulo II AirportPonta Delgada259 feet78.943 m <br />RelvaRegião Autónoma dos Açores
Lajes Air BaseLajes180 feet54.864 m <br />LajesRegião Autónoma dos Açores
Lisbon Portela AirportLisbon374 feet113.995 m <br />PortelaLisbon
Montargil AirportMontargil341 feet103.937 m <br />MontargilPonte de Sor
Monte Real Air BasePortuguese military187 feet56.998 m <br />Monte RealLeiria
Montijo Air BasePortuguese military46 feet14.021 m <br />MontijoSetubal
Pico AirportPico112 feet34.138 m <br />MadalenaAzores
Portimão AirportPortimao5 feet1.524 m <br />Montes de AlvorAlgarve
Porto Santo AirportPorto Santo341 feet103.937 m <br />Vila BaleiraRegião Autónoma da Madeira
Porto/Francisco de Sá Carneiro AirportPorto228 feet69.494 m <br />Pedras RubrasPorto
Santa Maria AiportSanta Maria308 feet93.878 m <br />Santa MariaRegião Autónoma dos Açores
Sintra Air BasePortuguese military440 feet134.112 m <br />SintraGreater Lisbon
São Jorge AirportSão Jorge335 feet102.108 m <br />Santo AmaroAzores
Vila Real AirportVila Real1,831 feet558.089 m <br />Vila RealVila Real
Viseu AirportViseu2,060 feet627.888 m <br />FolgosaCentro Region
Évora AirportÉvora813.648 feet248 m <br />Évora